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Our Story

       The Kinesiology (Kin) Games are one of the largest student-run undergraduate conferences in Canada. Every year in late March, between 400-700 Kinesiology (or related fields) students congregate at one host school and compete in the 4 Pillars of Kin Games – Academics, Athletics, Dance, & Spirit. Officially initiated in 2001, this event has been held annually by a Canadian university with upwards of 35 different institutions that have participated throughout the years. This year we are excited to be bringing the competition, and are proud to announce it will be hosted by the University of Windsor from March 13-17, 2024!

      At Kin Games, the culture and environment are an extremely important part of what makes this event unique and unlike any other. We strive to constantly emit positivity as you can hear us chanting “we are all best friends”’ or “let’s go both teams” all day long. The conference aims to create an accessible environment that thrives on student diversity and inclusion, promotes student health and well-being, fosters meaningful peer-to-peer connections, and create a lasting impression for students, both now and in the future.


      Following the Covid-19 pandemic, and as of the summer of 2021, the Kinesiology Games has become a not-for-profit organization recognized by the CRA to help the sustainability and continuance/consistency of the games moving forward. We have taken pride in being a grassroots organization that has been running for so many years without an official governing body. But do also realize the need for more stability and direction to improve and expand the games to all of Canada.

2024 Planning Committee

Board of Directors

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